[racket] Rationale behind missing string-trim

From: Chad Albers (calbers at neomantic.com)
Date: Wed May 9 11:12:17 EDT 2012


I'm having a long running discussion with my colleagues about the
practically of scheme.  I've argued that it is, and using Racket Scheme to
prove my point.   However, on the other side of the debate, I've noticed
that Racket's string API is missing what I consider to be a extremely
practical procedure - string-trim.  This procedure is actually in srfi 13.
While I can 'require' srfi13, I can't import it as is, because sfri-13's
procedures overlap Racket's string procedures.  I believe Racket's require
feature allows me to just import those procedures I need from srfi 13, but
I find that kind of awkward.

My question is, then, why would such a practical procedure missing from
Racket's string API?

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