[plt-scheme] Colleges using DrScheme

From: Jean-Michel Hufflen (hufflen at lifc.univ-fcomte.fr)
Date: Tue Jul 18 12:10:26 EDT 2006

Patrick Collison a écrit :

> Hi,


> Is there any sort of list of colleges available? I came across http:// 
> www.schemers.com/schools.html, but this gives no indication whether  
> the school specifically uses DrScheme, (...)

For information, I have been included into this list:

University of Franche-Comté, Besançon, France
    Mathematics applied to Physics and Computer Science
    Functional Programming

   Three years ago, I switched to DrScheme. However, I only use - for 
students - the Advanced mode. Some projects for students also include 
graphic capabilities. I also use MIT Scheme, but for demonstrations of 
"another Scheme", but in conformity with the standard specification 
(e.g., the order for evaluation the arguments of a function is not the 

   Yours sincerely,


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