[plt-scheme] Colleges using DrScheme

From: mvanier (mvanier at cs.caltech.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 13 20:03:35 EDT 2006

Here at Caltech we switched from MIT Scheme to DrScheme in our CS 1 course three 
years ago.  We had no problems and greatly increased student satisfaction.  The 
software has been solid as a rock.  I highly recommend it.


Patrick Collison wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working at the University of Limerick in Ireland, and trying to 
> encourage a switch from MIT Scheme + Emacs to DrScheme for the 
> introductory programming classes here.
> As part of this, the admin folks are interested in knowing about other 
> schools that use DrScheme for introductory purposes. I know (or at least 
> presume) that many of the colleges that have members in the PLT Scheme 
> group (Northeastern, Brown, etc.) use it, but I'm more interested in the 
> real "end users" (that have no expertise in DrScheme itself).
> Is there any sort of list of colleges available? I came across 
> http://www.schemers.com/schools.html, but this gives no indication 
> whether the school specifically uses DrScheme, and anyway seems a little 
> out-of-date (for a number of the schools on it, I can't find any 
> evidence that they do use Scheme. Their online class listings mention 
> other languages.)
> Thanks for any help or pointers,
> -Patrick
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