[racket] 18 scribble-created files

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Sun Nov 23 04:03:51 EST 2014

Is there already a way to greatly reduce the number of files that 
Scribble creates for a small one-page manual (like is used for the 
documentation of a package)?

In Racket 6.1, Scribble creates 18 files, in 2 directories.  Before this 
change, Scribble created only 5 files, in 1 directory, for the same 
input.  1-3 files would be preferable.

Example generated directory tree with the 18 files:

     |-- doc/
     |   |-- blueboxes.rktd
     |   |-- index.html
     |   |-- in.sxref
     |   |-- out0.sxref
     |   |-- out1.sxref
     |   |-- out.sxref
     |   |-- stamp.sxref
     |   `-- synced.rktd
     |-- doc-site.css
     |-- doc-site.js
     |-- manual-fonts.css
     |-- manual-racket.css
     |-- manual-racket.js
     |-- manual-style.css
     |-- racket.css
     |-- scribble-common.js
     |-- scribble.css
     `-- scribble-style.css

(Yes, I can see that some of the `.css` and `.js` files could be shared 
among multiple packages', if the multiple packages' documentation were 
all in the same storage, and they were all generated by the same Racket 
version.  That's not the case on my Web server, nor the case in 
individual package distributions.)

Neil V.

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