[racket] Help with sockets.

From: Alejandro Zamora Fonseca (terefv at ltu.sld.cu)
Date: Wed Apr 30 09:08:12 EDT 2014

Well I want to write a game for programmers that listen input for programs written in any language, I'm still in the "general" modeling phase, but I think the I/O would be based in XML and/or JSON.

So, thanks for the advices.

Best regards

Good, glad to hear it works.

If you can avoid dealing with raw sockets and use a standard protocol
for communication, that might allow you to write your network code at
a nicer level of abstraction.  What kind of network application are
you trying to write?

In retrospect, perhaps that should have been the first question on
this thread.  Sorry I didn't ask earlier.

For example, HTTP would be an example of a protocol whose language is
in terms of requests and responses, rather than socket sends,
receives, and flushes.


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