[racket] Rosetta Code

From: Tim Brown (tim.brown at timb.net)
Date: Mon Feb 18 07:47:21 EST 2013

I noticed on the intro project list for racket is a task to provide some
rosetta code examples.


I've just had a poke around and seen that Racket is considered a dialect of
scheme, and there are many tasks that have the scheme entry marked as
"works with racket", but not in a way that shows the task is implemented as
a Racket example. (I've just looked at Category:Programming_Languages, and
Racket isn't even listed).

Worse, yet... it seems that some tasks have been implemented in Racket,
found to be compatible with Scheme, and then _moved_ to a scheme heading.
E.g. 100_Doors
This has lang racket and lang slideshow code -- including for/fold and
other non-scheme constructs.

Should we get all militant and promote Racket to a 1st class language (not
just some scheme derivative)? Does anyone have any idea of a policy for
working on Rosetta Code?


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