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Date: Thu Aug 15 09:43:21 EDT 2013

to be a teachpack, but I can't find any.

After  (require 2htdp/planetcute) using any identifiers from
the module provokes an error.

Jens Axel S=C3=B8gaard

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<div dir=3D"ltr"><div>Is it possible to use Planet Cute in the teaching lan=
guges?</div><div><br></div><div>From the documentation I get the feeling th=
ere is supposed</div><div>to be a teachpack, but I can&#39;t find any.</div=
<div><br></div><div>After =C2=A0(require 2htdp/planetcute) using any identi=
fiers from</div><div>the module provokes an error.</div><br clear=3D"all"><=

<p class=3D""><a href=3D"
ages.html</a></p></div><div><br></div>-- <br>Jens Axel S=C3=B8gaard<br><br>


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