[racket] Having no collection subdirectory in a package?

From: Lawrence Woodman (lwoodman at vlifesystems.com)
Date: Fri Aug 16 02:27:02 EDT 2013


In a previous thread about documentation, I was given the advice
that there was no need to have a collection subdirectory in packages
with a single collection.

I therefore went from:

     .                       Package root
     info.rkt                Package info.rkt
     xdgbasedir/             Collection directory
     xdgbasedir/info.rkt     Collection info.rkt
     xdgbasedir/main.rkt     Collection main.rkt


     .                       Package root
     info.rkt                Package/collection info.rkt
     main.rkt                Collection main.rkt

However when ever I try to require xdgbasedir I get:

     xdgbasedir: standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found
       collection: "xdgbasedir"
       in collection directories:
        /usr/lib/racket/collects in: xdgbasedir

I have created a package link for xdgbasedir to 
/home/lorry/data/dev/lib/xdgbasedir which
is the root of the package as described above.  If I recreate the 
previous structure
with a collection subdirectory everything works.

Am I doing something wrong?


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