[racket] How to communicate from macro to DrRacket tool ?

From: Nick Main (david.nick.main at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 3 20:21:14 EDT 2013

I am developing a DrRacket plugin that adds a diagrammatic view to the IDE
(roughly the same place as the Module Browser).
The diagram is a visualization of certain forms in the current text editor.
Ultimately I would like to make the connection be bi-directional -
manipulating the diagram will change values in the text editor.

The initial use-case is a state-machine visualizer (and later, editor).

My current approach uses a macro to define the state-machine. I would like
to drive the generation of the diagram from the uses of the macro (during
background expansion), rather than writing my own code to detect text
changes and parse the contents of the editor.

I am trying to find an easy way to communicate from the macro execution to
the DrRacket plugin, but nothing has surfaced so far.
If all else fails I could open up a socket connection in the macro and talk
to the plugin that way (I assume).
Are there any cheaper ways to poke a hole through the macro sandbox ?

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