[racket] Non threadsafe Fortran library (ARPACK) vs Racket 5.3.3

From: Michael Wilber (mwilber at uccs.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 2 14:47:42 EDT 2013

Without places, racket is single-threaded, so non-threadsafe code
shouldn't be a problem unless you're using places.

When the presence or absence of JIT compilation is significant, that
tells me that maybe you're doing something undefined with memory.

Would you mind showing us the source code?

"Alexander Shendi (Web.de)" <Alexander.Shendi at web.de> writes:
> Hi,
> So I habe now installed DrRacket and everything seemed fine until I tried to
> access libarpack.so via Racket's foreign interface. I seem to have two
> problems:
> - the library is not threadsafe.
> - "racket" and "racket -j" give different results for the same problem.
> This leads to the following question:
> How do I call non threadsafe foreign code from Racket? I have already
> tried the #:atomic? and #:in-original-place? keywords when using
> '_fun'.
> I can provide the offending Racket program and the source to ARPACK
> if required.
> Many thanks in advance for your help.
> Best Regards,
> Alexander
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