[racket] Non threadsafe Fortran library (ARPACK) vs Racket 5.3.3

From: Alexander Shendi (Web.de) (Alexander.Shendi at web.de)
Date: Tue Apr 2 16:13:57 EDT 2013

Hi all,

So here it is

Michael Wilber <mwilber at uccs.edu> schrieb:

>Without places, racket is single-threaded, so non-threadsafe code
>shouldn't be a problem unless you're using places.
>When the presence or absence of JIT compilation is significant, that
>tells me that maybe you're doing something undefined with memory.
>Would you mind showing us the source code?
>"Alexander Shendi (Web.de)" <Alexander.Shendi at web.de> writes:
>> Hi,
>> So I habe now installed DrRacket and everything seemed fine until I
>tried to
>> access libarpack.so via Racket's foreign interface. I seem to have
>> problems:
>> - the library is not threadsafe.
>> - "racket" and "racket -j" give different results for the same
>> This leads to the following question:
>> How do I call non threadsafe foreign code from Racket? I have already
>> tried the #:atomic? and #:in-original-place? keywords when using
>> '_fun'.
>> I can provide the offending Racket program and the source to ARPACK
>> if required.
>> Many thanks in advance for your help.
>> Best Regards,
>> Alexander
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