[racket] doc problem

From: Hugh Myers (hsmyers at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 28 20:49:06 EST 2011

In the document page entitled "More: Systems Programming with Racket"
in section 5 it says:

Unfortunately, we cannot now re-start the server with the same port number:

  > (serve 8080)

  tcp-listen: listen on 8080 failed (address already in use)

The problem is that the listener that we created with serve is still
listening on the original port number.

Problem is that on my machine I get no such error message. I'm running
the latest racket on a box under Vista Premium Home. I can think of no
reason for this difference other than the usual case of document
drift--- that is where the difference between what is documented and
what is, increases over time. Might this be the case?

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