[racket] simple sandboxing

From: Caner Derici (canerderici at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 28 18:32:34 EST 2011

Hi all,

I wanted to play with sandboxes(for the first time) and tried to write
down a simple program which reads a source file (.rkt) and evaluates it
in a sandbox.

#lang racket

(require racket/sandbox)

(define beginner-file-path
  (string->path (string-append (path->string (current-directory))

  (list 'read

(define beginner-evaluator
  (make-evaluator 'lang/htdp-beginner


(beginner-evaluator beginner-file-path)
module: name is not defined, not a parameter, and not a primitive name
in: module

I remember that I read somewhere in docs the #lang $ is read by the
reader as (module *name* $ ...)
and that *name* is derived from the actual name of the file containing $.

Even if this is somehow related to my issue above, I don't know how to
solve it.

Any points? I feel like I'm missing the obvious again.


-- caner

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