[racket] Racket not supporting nono-European writing systems‏

From: J Smithfield (jsmithfield at hotmail.co.uk)
Date: Wed Jan 26 09:29:11 EST 2011

> You were asked to try the current pre-release. Have you done so?
> N.
Yes indeed, I have. I have further sent back the screen dump of my unsuccessful attempt, using the Armenian keyboard system (the same is true for Mongolian, ... you name it), which you can also verify easily on any Windows XP or Vista machine.
This problem is not peculiar to Scheme; Python is also dragging a bit its foot.
 Java, SwiProlog, ... even BigForth have for many years integrated this global feature to their system. It is all a question of being self-confident or not. There is nothing to fear from allowing the rest of the world to program in their respective language, using their writing system: UNICODE is here for this precise purpose.
I hope I have made myself clear: no possible misunderstandings.
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