[racket] some questions about mysterx

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 19 09:46:45 EST 2011

I guess I'm the closest we have to a MysterX maintainer. Unfortunately,
my answer for question 1 is "I don't know". For the other two, I can
only say "that sounds like a bug".

MysterX was created prior to the current FFI, and re-implementing it is
probably a good idea --- if we can find a volunteer. So much of
MysterX's work is in marshaling and unmarshaling datatypes, and all of
that would be far easier with the current Racket-based FFI (instead of
in C). Also, the old constraint that MysterX windows must use a
separate thread and event queue no longer applies with the GUI-library
rewrite, so that would be another major simplification. I'm not sure
about the DHTML part; it might require a little C++ stub, or it might
work out fine from Racket.

At Sat, 15 Jan 2011 18:55:36 +0300, Ковалев Юрий wrote:
> Hi, all!
> I have some questions about mysterx.
> 1) Why there isn't function for destruction com-object (like 
> vlax-release-object in AutoLisp)? When I end to work with com-application, it 
> still in system processes.
> 2) When I use mysterx, my applications sometimes crashes with standart Windows 
> message "PLT Scheme GUI application - found error. Application will be closed" 
> (translation from russian :o)). This happens without any visible regularity and 
> regardless of whether I use an DrRacket (then crushes DrRacket) or a compiled 
> application.
> 3) Except problems in p.2, mysterx work fine with Excel and PowerPoint, but 
> with Word it can only read, but not create or modify com-objects.
> This problems occur not only on my computer, but also in many other. OS - 
> Windows XP, version of Racket... different versions, include last (5.0.1).
> --
> Thanks.
> Yuriy. 
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