[racket] some questions about mysterx

From: Ковалев Юрий (yoschi at mail.ru)
Date: Sat Jan 15 10:55:36 EST 2011

Hi, all!
I have some questions about mysterx.
1) Why there isn't function for destruction com-object (like vlax-release-object in AutoLisp)? When I end to work with com-application, it still in system processes.
2) When I use mysterx, my applications sometimes crashes with standart Windows message "PLT Scheme GUI application - found error. Application will be closed" (translation from russian :o)). This happens without any visible regularity and regardless of whether I use an DrRacket (then crushes DrRacket) or a compiled application.
3) Except problems in p.2, mysterx work fine with Excel and PowerPoint, but with Word it can only read, but not create or modify com-objects.
This problems occur not only on my computer, but also in many other. OS - Windows XP, version of Racket... different versions, include last (5.0.1).

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