[racket] Adding raw string syntax

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Aug 14 12:05:14 EDT 2011

Eli Barzilay <eli at ...> writes:

> I've noticed that someone put a link to your
> tutorial on the Wikipedia page -- 

It was Asumu. I wouldn't feel confident enough for such a
self-plug ;P. 

> and I worry about getting more
> people who are unaware of the scribble @-form syntax that does things
> better when more people see it.  Do you mind editing your post and
> adding the above note so people won't miss it?

Done. I added a section at the end on the @form syntax, and a
note at the beggining so that people can skip the whole article if
they just want to get the functionality. 

> (I prefer that over dropping the reference, because it *is* a good
> exercise in a quick extension, I just want to avoid people spending
> time getting something like this more polished when the work is
> already there.)

If the tutorials section in the article section is to stay, then I'll
add this one here, which I think is far more interesting than


Speaking of the article, after Asumu's mail I started to contribute a
little bit. I was planning to focus on the practical side of Racket,
so I added a brief section on this. I would like to add a link at the end of
the section pointing at a new wikipedia page with examples on how
Racket can be used in different application domains, and to show some
of the different languages / paradigms available (a bit like the
Haskell page does in the features section)... the problem is that it
is hard to come up with better examples than the ones already at
racket-lang.org, so could I use some of those (always with the
reference)?. I think more wikipedia readers will get to see the
examples if they're in a regular wikipedia page rather than having to
click to an external link and then browse back and forth and click on
the question mark for an explanation.

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