[racket] Adding raw string syntax

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Aug 13 20:58:09 EDT 2011

On Wednesday, Joan Arnaldich wrote:
> > > The @ syntax originally designed for Scribble is very helpful for
> > > this sort of thing.
> > 
> > A concrete example for using it as a raw string:
> > 
> >   #lang at-exp racket
> >   (define r string-append)
> >   (display @r{...nearly free text here...})
> Aha! So there it was! Thanks a lot for the pointer! Ignorance is
> always ignorance, but... I can't help thinking that if I had known
> that I would have missed a lot of fun ;)

Yes, it's certainly a good exercise in trying to get a quick
readtable-based grammar extension.

And speaking about this, I've noticed that someone put a link to your
tutorial on the Wikipedia page -- and I worry about getting more
people who are unaware of the scribble @-form syntax that does things
better when more people see it.  Do you mind editing your post and
adding the above note so people won't miss it?

(I prefer that over dropping the reference, because it *is* a good
exercise in a quick extension, I just want to avoid people spending
time getting something like this more polished when the work is
already there.)

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