[racket] MysterX

From: José Lopes (jose.lopes at ist.utl.pt)
Date: Wed Apr 6 13:57:09 EDT 2011


I made some changes to MysterX.
There was a bug in the code that prevented from performing blind calls 
(i.e., calling COM functions in which there is no type information 
I followed the suggestion in the mailing list, I hacked the code and it 
is working now.
I only had time to make a quick patch, therefore the code is very messy.

Nevertheless, the file with the changes is in attachment.
If you want to know what I have changed just follow the definition of 
"bool exn".

Thank you for your help,

José António Branquinho de Oliveira Lopes
58612 - MEIC-A
jose.lopes at ist.utl.pt

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