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> > Come now Shiram, there are lots of people who don't want to go to CS grad
> > school, didn't go to a name school and/or maybe don't have the stellar   GPA
> > that the likes of Google tend to look for.
> Your mistake is in assuming that the "likes of Google" look for
> "stellar GPA"s.  My experience suggests otherwise.
> > It doesn't make them poorly trained.
> You created a false equality and then knocked it down.  I sure hope
> you don't reason about programs the same way. (-:
> > The point is that   CS grads are doing worse than comparable
> > graduates of other disciplines.
> Based on data with lots of questionable assumptions.  If it turns out
> the assumptions are wrong, maybe they're actually doing quite well.
> Are you perhaps suffering from selection bias?
> And this still doesn't justify your remarks about courses.
> Okay, troll confirmed.  I really will stop now.

Mate. I realize that for a CS professor agreeing with this stuff is kind of like a turkey voting for Christmas but seriously you should chill.

If you are going to throw out a presumption as loose as that these CS grads are "poorly trained" then you should cut others some slack on the assumptions they make.

Since this seems to be getting a bit personal I will address some other issues you are raising off line.

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