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Sorry if you got this twice..... I think my first reply missed the list.

Well you will note that the first link was from an American source.

If you google "hi tech underclass" China comes up alot. 

Then there is this


The primary aim of this paper is to identify future help which can contribute

towards reducing the unemployment rate of graduates in Malaysia, especially those with

Computer Science Degrees. It does so by gaining initial insights into this problem

through two groups: graduates and employers. The data draws on why graduates are

unemployed from their own perspective as well as employers’ expectations towards the

new workforce. The study concludes with two striking observations. Firstly, the

graduates themselves feel that they are to be blamed for being unemployed. In addition,

the employers too feel similarly, so reinforcing graduates’ attitudes as one of the major

reasons for graduates’ unemployment.

link to the paper below.


To selectively quote

"While the situation in the United States may not be so dire, in truth 
few companies share Google's zeal for academic credentials when hiring 
new developers. "
"To be sure, an advanced degree in computer science from a prestigious
 university such as Cal Tech, Carnegie-Mellon, or Stanford is still a 
valuable asset for any job-seeker. Companies such as IBM, Google, and 
Microsoft, which compete on the highest levels of the computing 
industry, rely on doctoral graduates for the groundbreaking R&D that
 forms the basis of their cutting-edge products. Smaller 
companies with less ambitious goals, on the other hand, may have little 
need for such specialized expertise, particularly if they aren't in the 
business of selling software."

I think those are killer arguments. 

 you are headed for CS grad school or  are Google/Microsoft material (by
 ability or by being in a brand name school) nobody really cares about 
your CS degree.

Matthias said

Is this possibly a reflection on the UK system? 
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