[plt-scheme] Web server setup and documentation

From: Paul Stadig (paul at stadig.name)
Date: Tue Jun 3 07:41:58 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,
I'm new to Scheme and MzScheme, and I was trying to get the web server
setup. I ran into some issues:

1. The init script on Ubuntu is wrong. It is referencing 'text-launch.ss'. I
had to change it to 'private/launch-text.ss'. I'm guessing that is more of a
Debian/Ubuntu issue than a MzScheme issue, but I don't know if the init
script is part of the MzScheme distribution.

2. I needed some documentation, so I did what I thought was the reasonable
thing and installed the Web Server manual in the help desk. The only problem
is that manual was sorely out of date, and it was totally wrong in terms of
how to configure the server. It seems the configuration system has changed
since 12/28/2007?

So I did the next most reasonable thing and looked up the documentation on
the plt-scheme.org site. Click on "Documentation". Click on "All PLT
Documentation". Click on "Web Server Manual", and it's the same thing that
gets installed in the help desk. It was only after searching through the
mailing list archives that I found this site 'docs.plt-scheme.org'. The
configuration section at least seems to match what I'm seeing in the
installed collection, so I'm hopeful this will help me figure out how to get
started writing servlets. Is this a prerelease documentation site or
something? Why isn't it linked from the plt-scheme.org site? I guess I'm
just confused.

3. I tried to use instantservlet, and when I ran the example I get:

standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found: "scheme/base" in any
of: (#<path:/home/paul/.plt-scheme/372/collects>

I can't seem to find scheme/base anywhere is this a planet or some extra
collection to install?

I'm running DrScheme/MzScheme 372 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. Perhaps I should
install MzScheme manually instead of using the Ubuntu distribution? Ubuntu
seems to be using the latest version, though.
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