[plt-scheme] Uninstalling MzScheme v372

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Jun 2 21:44:04 EDT 2008

On Jun  2, blockstack wrote:
> I recently installed mzscheme v372 on windows xp using the
> installer.  I noticed that it is not listed in the add/remove
> programs, nor does it come with an uninstaller.

Right.  The first message on the installation dialog says that it's a
simple installer that just creates the directory -- and you only need
to remove it to uninstall it.  (No registry keys or startup menu items
are created.)  To get the usual stuff, use the PLT Scheme installer
instead.  (The MzScheme distribution is more server-oriented.)

> I can't delete the folder because apparently the dll's are in use.
> Anyone know how I uninstall it cleanly?

In this case an uninstaller would not have helped you -- it would
simply tell you that it couldn't remove the offending files.  You need
to find the process that holds the DLL open and kill it.  (Maybe you
started the web server?)

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