[plt-scheme] almost automated cps transforms for web apps

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Fri May 25 15:05:29 EDT 2007

> > Thanks for your interest in this work.  These are good questions and
> > what you're trying is a promising approach.
> we'll see. my goals are not really to break any new ground, just to
> build something i want to use on a web app i'm writing. i'm pretty sure
> one of the papers had mentioning trying to serialized the continuation
> to the client.

Yes, both the papers (the one using the CPS transform, and the newer
one I pointed you to) do that.

> did i miss something in the paper/should i reread it? i thought it
> outlined a high level approach for a person to perform the
> transformation, but it didn't provide any macros or implementations for
> programmatic transformation?

No, that's standard with research papers: they describe an algorithm
but there isn't enough space to include the source of the
implementation.  But Jay's message in this thread points you to a
version of the implementation for the newer version, which I think is
a lot better than the older one (based on CPS).


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