[plt-scheme] cannot install uninstalled manuals

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Mar 13 19:42:25 EST 2006

Jean-Guillaume wrote:
> When I try to install more documentation (as "Inside PLT Mzscheme"  and 
> so), I get the following message :
> delete-file: cannot delete file: "/Applications/PLT Scheme v301/ 
> collects/doc/insidemz/hdindex" (Permission denied; errno=13)

This is a permissions problem that seems to plague the OS X version 
(installers, I've learned, are tricky). If you change the permissions on 
the installation directory ("/Applications/PLT Scheme v301/") to match 
those of the user you run as, this problem goes away.

> Well, actually, there's something else : each time a newer PLT  version 
> is out, I download it and so I have to install all  uninstalled manuals 
> again (and I'm not sure they're updated (?)). I  suppose these docs are 
> not so big, may I suggest they all be provided  as well in the standard 
> distribution ?

While you may not like the disk space usage (I've never minded), you can 
install multiple versions of the (Dr|Mz)Scheme at the same time; they 
play nicely with each-other. If you get complaints from the installer, 
I've found removing the PLT Scheme related receipts from 
"/Library/Receipts" does the trick.

> Also, to have access to this documentation, i.e. "inside mzscheme", I  
> have to either download  a big pdf file (the issue can be : *browing*  
> the pdf offline), or stay connected to the internet to browse the  
> online html, or install drscheme, try to download the uninstalled  
> manual, and guess where is hidden the html doc on my computer, even  if 
> I'd rather not launch drscheme because it's really too bulky  (sorry to 
> say that).

You can download the documentation as .plt files, and run "setup-plt" on 
those files from the command line, if you prefer. The Help Desk will 
find them at that point.


The HTML files likely end up in the installation directory (somewhere 
sensical, no doubt; I've never looked). In fact, anything you install 
will either end up in the installation directory (in the case of 
documentation) or in "/Library/PLT Scheme/XXX/", where XXX is the 
version of the PLT Scheme you're using; libraries and PLaneT packages 
end up here, unless you go out of your way to install them globally---in 
which case, they end up in the installation directory.

There aren't any other places, under OS X, that things appear... I don't 

That pretty much sums up my knowledge of where things fall under OS X, I 

Off to bed,

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