[plt-scheme] cannot install uninstalled manuals

From: Robby Findler (robby at cs.uchicago.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 13 22:23:59 EST 2006

FWIW, I believe that Eli fixed the Mac OS X permissions problem for the
nightly builds (and so it should be fixed in future releases). If
anyone else wants to give that a try and report back, that would be a


At Tue, 14 Mar 2006 00:42:25 +0000, Matt Jadud wrote:
> Jean-Guillaume wrote:
> > When I try to install more documentation (as "Inside PLT Mzscheme"  and 
> > so), I get the following message :
> > 
> > delete-file: cannot delete file: "/Applications/PLT Scheme v301/ 
> > collects/doc/insidemz/hdindex" (Permission denied; errno=13)
> This is a permissions problem that seems to plague the OS X version 
> (installers, I've learned, are tricky). If you change the permissions on 
> the installation directory ("/Applications/PLT Scheme v301/") to match 
> those of the user you run as, this problem goes away.
> > Well, actually, there's something else : each time a newer PLT  version 
> > is out, I download it and so I have to install all  uninstalled manuals 
> > again (and I'm not sure they're updated (?)). I  suppose these docs are 
> > not so big, may I suggest they all be provided  as well in the standard 
> > distribution ?
> While you may not like the disk space usage (I've never minded), you can 
> install multiple versions of the (Dr|Mz)Scheme at the same time; they 
> play nicely with each-other. If you get complaints from the installer, 
> I've found removing the PLT Scheme related receipts from 
> "/Library/Receipts" does the trick.
> > Also, to have access to this documentation, i.e. "inside mzscheme", I  
> > have to either download  a big pdf file (the issue can be : *browing*  
> > the pdf offline), or stay connected to the internet to browse the  
> > online html, or install drscheme, try to download the uninstalled  
> > manual, and guess where is hidden the html doc on my computer, even  if 
> > I'd rather not launch drscheme because it's really too bulky  (sorry to 
> > say that).
> You can download the documentation as .plt files, and run "setup-plt" on 
> those files from the command line, if you prefer. The Help Desk will 
> find them at that point.
> http://download.plt-scheme.org/doc/
> The HTML files likely end up in the installation directory (somewhere 
> sensical, no doubt; I've never looked). In fact, anything you install 
> will either end up in the installation directory (in the case of 
> documentation) or in "/Library/PLT Scheme/XXX/", where XXX is the 
> version of the PLT Scheme you're using; libraries and PLaneT packages 
> end up here, unless you go out of your way to install them globally---in 
> which case, they end up in the installation directory.
> There aren't any other places, under OS X, that things appear... I don't 
> think.
> That pretty much sums up my knowledge of where things fall under OS X, I 
> think.
> Off to bed,
> M
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