[plt-scheme] xml-rpc in plt scheme?

From: Matt Jadud (mcj4 at kent.ac.uk)
Date: Mon Mar 13 02:36:59 EST 2006

Noel and I (mostly Noel so far) have been porting this code to v300, and 
in doing so starting with the unit tests and working outwards. It is 
currently in the PLaneT repository.

The v209 client/server library works... but it isn't my finest hour in 
terms of coding. In hindsight, there's some really ugly things going on. 
  For example, the library represents one of my first big experiments 
with macros, and that wasn't such a good idea...

So, yes, a client/server library that will be reliable is in the works, 
but it will be a bit longer before we can finish it. I'm submitting my 
dissertation while starting a new research position (must... 
finish...!), and I think Noel is likewise a bit tied up with his research.

We'll drop a note here when it's done. For now, the client-side is 
complete, or nearly so. Please drop a note if there's anything more we 
can do. In the meantime, I'll throw some warnings up on the code you 
downloaded when I get back from London tomorrow.


Russell Lear wrote:
> I'm interested in using XML-RPC from scheme.  I've downloaded
> xmlrpc-20040511.plt from http://www.jadud.com/people/mcj/links/Code/ and
> tried to install with "File ->
> Install .plt File..." without a lot of success:
>      open-input-file: cannot open input file:
> "/usr/plt/collects/ssax/myenv.ss" (No such file or directory; errno=2)
> It says it depends on SSAX and SXML.  I can install those from Planet but
> xmlrpc-20040511.plt isn't happy.  On the other hand, if I try to install the
> versions reference by xmlrpc-20040511.plt, they complain about conflicts
> with the already installed versions.
> Is there an XML-RPC server/client?  The XML-RPC listed on Planet seems to
> only support a client-side.  Am I mis-reading the documentation?
> Thanks,
> Russell
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