[plt-scheme] servlets utils?

From: Yoav Goldberg (yoav.goldberg at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Jan 18 05:39:34 EST 2006

I've started playing with servlets and the web-server, and it seems very neat!
But I have some questions:
1/ Are there any available code examples for a "real life" servlets
based web application? The provided examples are rather.. small.
2/ Is there a library for wrapping some of the common servlet idioms,
such as extracting values from send/suspend, generating somewhat
complex forms, providing easy access to the request variables,
generating typed input fields etc?

And the big, conceptual question:
3/ How does the continuation based approach fits in with the
traditional web programming approaches? It seems great for handling
entry of complex multi-screen forms, but I don't understand yet how to
do a more "event-driven" apps, in which I have a page with many
forms/links, each of them openning a different path from which I can
later return, or not?
Let's take the simple example, in which I have a long list of items
which I want to show to the user, n at a time. Say I want to have an
interface that contains:

* item1
* item2
* item3
[button for next 3 items]
[button for prev 3 items]
[buttons that will get me to a screen in which I can change the number
of items I want to display at each screen, and then back to current
screen with different number of items]
[button that will let me change the appearance of the items, and then
back to current screee]
[button that produces a new list of items and starts displaying it
instead the current one, with the preferences of the current one]

How do I lay out my code for such a thing? What goes where? I can
easily design it in the traditional approaches, but what's the plt


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