[plt-scheme] Re: Can't get the web-server going

From: Jay McCarthy (jay.mccarthy at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 17 07:40:14 EST 2006


Is this a problem related to the web-server incorrectly registering to
listen on an IPv6 address that isn't going well in XP?


On 1/17/06, Glenn Ambrose <glennambrose at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Thank you Jay for responding.
> (Yes, you could send the configuration-table and what command you are
> running.
> Something I think of immediately: You're changing a custom
> configuration-table but you're not passing it to the web-server start
> binary.)
> This is the configuration-table:
> ((port 8042) <-- This is the only change I made, from 80 to 8042.
> (max-waiting 40)
>   (paths
>       (configuration-root "conf")
>       (host-root "default-web-root")
>       (log-file-path "log")
>       (file-root "htdocs")
>       (servlet-root ".")
>       (password-authentication "passwords"))))
> (virtual-host-table))
> tcp-listen: listen on 8042 failed (An address incompatible with the
> requested protocol was used.; errno=10047)
> Before I made the change I was getting:
> tcp-listen: listen on 80 failed (An address incompatible with the requested
> protocol was used.; errno=10047)
> Since the error message has noted the change from 80 to 8042 can I assume
> the web-server start binary has also noted the change?
> I tried to get it going both by clicking on web-server.exe and by entering
> plt\web-server at the command prompt. Each time the error message above pops
> up.
> And thank you Noel for responding.
> ( Can you give us a bit more information?  For example, what
> URL were you accessing?  What browser?
> You could try the instaweb package -- then the
> configuration should be correct and hence one potential
> problem removed. )
> I'm using Firefox 1.5 and the URL http://localhost but nothing happens. I
> wasn't surprised as the problem has already occured with the server not
> finding the port (or whatever it is doing or not doing).
> If I put in the url http://drscheme.org:80 then it works fine. It doesn't
> work with 8042 though.
> You mentioned running instaweb. At the moment I haven't learned how to make
> a servlet or to run a servlet so instaweb is getting ahead of me.
> To give you some background. I am a high school teacher (biology/chemistry
> note, no IT) and I thought it would be nice to put up some information for
> my students to be able to access at home (which I did). I learned HTML and
> CSS. Then I thought it would be nice if they could test themselves. Now on
> top HTML and CSS I need to learn to PHP so that the students have their
> results recorded, SQL so that there is something into which to record their
> results and RDF so that the information can be organised. Or I could just
> learn scheme and here I am at the beginning of this journey.
> This message is very long. Congradulations if you made it this far.
> Cheers
> Glenn.
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