[plt-scheme] Re: electronic book - EOPL ?

From: Ivan l. Altaparmakov (ialt at tu-sofia.bg)
Date: Wed Jul 6 08:07:43 EDT 2005

On 01.07.2005 18:14:47, Matthias Felleisen <matthias at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
tanks a lot for the replays.

>> Ivan l. Altaparmakov wrote:
>>> Does any body has electronic versions of books for scheme/lisp (or 
>>> prolog or haskell) programming style? Such like "How to Design 
>>> Programs" and "Structure and Interpretation of
>>> Computer Programs".
>> A long time ago I used wget with recursive retrieval to download the
>> HTML of SICP, and then used Adobe Acrobat to convert it to PDF.  I 
>> tried the same trick on HTDP, but it didn't work well (some figures
>> were too  wide for the page width or something).  Since the authors
>> of HTDP could easily provide PDFs and yet they don't, perhaps 
>> they don't want such a thing in circulation.

I did the same but I used MSword and with some scaling and 2 Colon 
text i managed to put HTDP in 80 pages A4. And SCIP in 120 - 150 pp. 
with satisfying quality but too small letters.
because reading from 70 Hz refresh rate is killing for me.
But I wouldn't say this is "circulation" - this is only for personal use.

>>Enchiladas of Programming Languages is not freely available on the
>>web, so you'll need to purchase the book or go without.  

It is sad but it is true! 
 With salary 134 USD  per month - rather "go without" then purchase.

>It's illegal because it violates MIT's copyright and its contract with


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