[plt-scheme] electronic book - EOPL ?

From: Chongkai Zhu (mathematica at citiz.net)
Date: Fri Jul 1 07:20:38 EDT 2005

======= At 2005-07-01, 16:58:24 Ivan l. Altaparmakov wrote: =======

>Does any body has electronic versions of 
>books for scheme/lisp (or prolog or haskell) programming style? 
>Such like "How to Design Pograms" and "Structure and Interpretation of
>Computer Programs".  
>For example "Essentilas of the Programming Languages" 
>or other interesting books on programming.
>Best regards.

"Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation" by Shriram 
Krishnamurthi is a good book and available from his homepage.

You can also try to download an unofficial pdf verion of EOPL 2ed 
from eDonkey2000 net.

Chongkai Zhu

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