[plt-scheme] Re: PLT Scheme v300

From: Peter Santoro (psantoro at bluefrog.com)
Date: Wed Dec 21 13:50:57 EST 2005

Eli Barzilay wrote:
> I looked at the contents of your package, a few comments:

Thank you for taking the time to do so.

> * You should probably write a note somewhere that you're using a
>   shared libraries build.  This is different than the Unix builds we
>   make so it'll be good to know in case of bugs.

Agreed.  I'll put a note in the description file which will be displayed 
when the package is installed or upgraded.  That way it will also be 
stored as part of the installed package log in /var/log/packages.

> * You have moved the contents of <PLT>/notes/mzscheme to
>   /usr/share/doc, which is fine for a mzscheme build, but it will
>   break help-desk if you will attempt to do the same with the complete
>   package.

Good to know.  I won't move the docs, but I may put a symlink in 
/usr/doc, as most slackware users expect package docs in /usr/doc.

> * In doinst.sh, you can use
>     ./install -i
>   which will run the usual installer.  The flag will make it trust
>   existing .zos, check and warn about a new version, offer making
>   symlinks for executables.

Thanks, I'll change that.

> * BTW, in the same script you have an odd use of `grep' and then "$0"
>   which can be combined:
>     if ! grep -q /opt/mzscheme-300/lib /etc/ld.so.conf ; then

Eli, thanks again for taking the time to review my package.  I'll make 
the changes you suggested and upload build 4 asap.

BTW, I took at look at the docs in the notes directory.  It would be 
nice if there was a list of changes from the previous release in a 
format that a script could more easily parse.  For example:

<old-symbol-name> <delimiter> <upgrade-issue-hint>

where <upgrade-issue-hint> could be one or more of the following (or 
whatever the PLT team think makes sense):  deprecated, renamed, 
api-change, behavior-change, moved; followed by an optional hint (new 
location or new name, etc.)

A script could use this info to scan through older scheme source and 
produce a upgrade report with a line (path, line number, symbol, 
upgrade-issue-hint) for each upgrade issue it finds.

If such as script already exists, please advise.  If not, I may write one.


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