[plt-scheme] Re: PLT Scheme v300

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Dec 21 11:45:14 EST 2005

On Dec 21, Peter Santoro wrote:
> I updated my mzscheme slackware 10.2 package to build 3.  It removes the 
> setting of CFLAGS and LDFLAGS from the /etc/profile.d/mzscheme.* 
> scripts.  I will upload it as soon as my ISP fixes their ftp server 
> problems.  The package and its md5sum will probably be located at one of 
> these sites:
> http://members.bluefrog.com/~psantoro4/10.2/
> http://members.bluefrog.com/~psantoro3/10.2/
> I don't anticipate making an further changes, unless someone finds a 
> problem.

I looked at the contents of your package, a few comments:

* You should probably write a note somewhere that you're using a
  shared libraries build.  This is different than the Unix builds we
  make so it'll be good to know in case of bugs.

* You have moved the contents of <PLT>/notes/mzscheme to
  /usr/share/doc, which is fine for a mzscheme build, but it will
  break help-desk if you will attempt to do the same with the complete

* In doinst.sh, you can use

    ./install -i

  which will run the usual installer.  The flag will make it trust
  existing .zos, check and warn about a new version, offer making
  symlinks for executables.

* BTW, in the same script you have an odd use of `grep' and then "$0"
  which can be combined:

    if ! grep -q /opt/mzscheme-300/lib /etc/ld.so.conf ; then

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