[plt-scheme] Japanese problems

From: Chihiro Kuraya (rxqvw at yahoo.co.jp)
Date: Sat Dec 3 08:29:42 EST 2005


I'm translating DrScheme 299.406-svn1dec2005 UI to Japanese 
(japanese-string-constsnts.ss). Threre are several problems.

I can't switch English UI to Japanese UI on DrScheme
by selecting menu item under [Help] menu.
Threre are menu items to switch to Spanish, Farench and other languages
but no menu item for Japanese.

[Help] menu is funny poisition in menu bar (next to [Edit]).
The following strings are not changes since v299.105, but
in the old versiona, [Help] menu was last position in menu bar.

 (file-menu "FAIRU(F)")
 (edit-menu "HENSHU(E)")
 (help-menu "HERUPU(H)")
 (windows-menu "UINDOU(W)")

 (file-menu-label "FAIRU(&F)")
 (edit-menu-label "HENSHU(&E)")
 (help-menu-label "HERUPU(&H)")

After DrScheme started, messages at the first two lines 
in interactions window display Japanese incorrectly.

In [Preference] dialog, some items in [Color] tab
are displayed incorrectly.
(See image-1.png, image-2.png)

Threre is no string-constnat definitions for the following UIs.

o [Debug] button positioned top-right of DrScheme window.
o [Special]-[Insert Java Class]
o [Special]-[Insert Java Union]
o [Special]-[Insert Pict Box]
o Context menu of definition window.

Chihiro Kuraya
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