[plt-scheme] Japanese problems

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Sat Dec 3 08:57:09 EST 2005

At Sat, 03 Dec 2005 22:29:42 +0900, Chihiro Kuraya wrote:
> (1)
> I can't switch English UI to Japanese UI on DrScheme
> by selecting menu item under [Help] menu.
> Threre are menu items to switch to Spanish, Farench and other languages
> but no menu item for Japanese.

This is related to 3 & 4. More below.

> (2)
> [Help] menu is funny poisition in menu bar (next to [Edit]).
> The following strings are not changes since v299.105, but
> in the old versiona, [Help] menu was last position in menu bar.
>  (file-menu "FAIRU(F)")
>  (edit-menu "HENSHU(E)")
>  (help-menu "HERUPU(H)")
>  (windows-menu "UINDOU(W)")

DrScheme/MrEd now strips the parenthesized letters from the label when
menu keybindings are disabled. So, you need to remove the parenthesized
letters above, leaving

  (file-menu "FAIRU")
  (edit-menu "HENSHU")
  (help-menu "HERUPU")
  (windows-menu "UINDOU")

I should heve made this chaneg myself when I changed MrEd, but I
overlooked the Japanese translation.

> (3)
> After DrScheme started, messages at the first two lines 
> in interactions window display Japanese incorrectly.
> (4)
> In [Preference] dialog, some items in [Color] tab
> are displayed incorrectly.
> (See image-1.png, image-2.png)

This looks like a general problem with finding a font to draw Japanese
glyphs. Since MrEd is having trouble finding glyphs, DrScheme leaves
Japanese out of the list of language choices.

Can you remind me of which version of Windows you're using. Did
previous versions draw Japanese correctly, or is it an old problem?


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