[plt-scheme] Cannot install 207 on Windows

From: ifconfig (nslookupifconfig at hotmail.com)
Date: Thu May 20 05:05:06 EDT 2004

Some pointers:

Where did you install PLT to?
Where does the icon refer to? (right click-properties)
Should be your install path\DrScheme.exe
And the start path should be your install path.

If it is, check that drscheme.exe is actually being created.

Did you delete the original plt directory before installing?

Try deleting the icons and then reinstalling.

That's about all I got,

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> I've downloaded
> http://www.cs.utah.edu/plt/download/207/plt/plt-207-bin-i386-win32.exe
> and run it.  It appears to complete successfully*, but when I run
> `drscheme' from the Start menu, Windows tells me that it cannot find
> drscheme.exe and goes off and searches for it (and never finds it).
> *If I pay attention while the installation is running, I see a message
> from Windows that says something like `mred has generated errors; an
> error report log is being generated'.  Naturally Windows gives me no
> hint where that log is (or else I'd attach to this message any useful
> information that I might find in it).
> So there are really two problems:
> * the original error
> * the fact that that original error slips by unnoticed
> In any case, it's easy to repro the error, but I still don't know how
> to get PLT installed.
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