[plt-scheme] Cannot install 207 on Windows

From: Eric Hanchrow (offby1 at blarg.net)
Date: Wed May 19 15:17:05 EDT 2004

I've downloaded
and run it.  It appears to complete successfully*, but when I run
`drscheme' from the Start menu, Windows tells me that it cannot find
drscheme.exe and goes off and searches for it (and never finds it).

*If I pay attention while the installation is running, I see a message
from Windows that says something like `mred has generated errors; an
error report log is being generated'.  Naturally Windows gives me no
hint where that log is (or else I'd attach to this message any useful
information that I might find in it).

So there are really two problems:

* the original error

* the fact that that original error slips by unnoticed

In any case, it's easy to repro the error, but I still don't know how
to get PLT installed.

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