[plt-scheme] Re: An Editors Tale

From: Michael Sperber (sperber at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de)
Date: Tue Jan 27 18:10:07 EST 2004

>>>>> "Guenther" == Guenther Schmidt <gue.schmidt at web.de> writes:

Guenther> Computers are machines they "should" make things *easer*, that's the
Guenther> original idea behind it and not steal your time from you.  It
Guenther> sometimes seems that if it's got all those things that make things
Guenther> easier, *some* people seem to think well this doesn't have blood,
Guenther> sweat and tears to it so it's not proper programming and we won't have
Guenther> it.  Sorry I do not share that view.

Could you elaborate on why you think Visual Studio .NET makes this
significantly easier than PLT Scheme?  (I can think of several
reasons, but am curious to know what yours are.)  After having
produced two commercial applications using PLT Scheme, I guess I
disagree that GUI programming with PLT Scheme is hard, "steals my
time" or is somehow "by foot."  But my goals may differ from yours, or
there might a difference in backgrounds.

Cheers =8-} Mike
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