[plt-scheme] Re: Scheme based cms?

From: Daniel B Giffin (daniel at mybuttocks.com)
Date: Tue Sep 2 04:44:08 EDT 2003

--- Rohan Nicholls was sayin' (on Tuesday,  2 September 2003):
> I am looking for a content management system for a non-profit organization I
> am involved with, and as it is looking like I will be doing most of the
> development on it I would prefer a lisp or scheme based system.

yes, that would be a lovely thing.  i'm
administering a website whose pages i
generate from content in the form of
s-expressions.  trouble is, whenever someone
in the organization wants a change, they
email me and i have to make the tweak and
regenerate the site.

so i've been imagining a sort of web-based
s-expression editor that people could use to
modify the site's content, while the scheme
code to generate the markup can change
whenever i want a new look.

not sure how/whether to integrate this with a
WYSIWYG approach (perhaps just "edit
content", "preview site", "publish").

you'd think someone out there might have done
this already ...


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