[plt-scheme] OpenGL Bindings

From: Michael Larson (mklarson at apple.com)
Date: Fri Oct 24 13:37:57 EDT 2003

Hi folks, I am working on a MacOS X demo that integrates scheme directly
into a OpenGL drawing surface using an transparent terminal emulator on top
of the drawing surface. I would like to be able to bind more functionality
into mzscheme from OpenGL but the problem is there are about 800 entry
points into OpenGL.... Is there an automated / scripting mechanism available
for parsing C header files into scheme?

Oh on another question, can the MzScheme framework for MacOS X be
distributed as part of a package? It may end up on the Apple web site so I
need to find out this first before going down this path.


Mike Larson
Apple OpenGL group

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