[plt-scheme] MzScheme language stability.

From: Mark Brady (kalath at lycos.com)
Date: Wed Sep 25 10:47:48 EDT 2002

Hello. I am a newbie to scheme and am enjoying learning it. I will be building a large application soon that will require meta-programming features in the language that I use to implement it. 

MzScheme seemed perfect but I have noticed that each new release seems to break backward compatibility. I won't have the resources to port my app for every new version of MzScheme if there are major changes to the language. I don't mind having a major change every couple of years or so.

Is MzScheme a moving target? How long can I expect code written for the latest version to be forward compatible? I'm coming from Python where backwards compatibility is very important and a lot of advance warning is given about any changes.

Thanks for your help,
Mark Brady.

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