[plt-scheme] plt-scheme vs plt-edu

From: Jamie L. Raymond (raymond at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 11 22:09:57 EDT 2002

After my recent followup mentioning plt-edu, I received a reply from 
someone else who thought that plt-scheme and plt-edu were the same 
thing. I realized then that there may be others on this list wondering 
about the distinction.

plt-scheme is a disussion of the PLT software suite.

plt-edu is a discussion for "educators who participate in the 
TeachScheme Project, according to the list's home page.

Each list has an administration webpage where you can subscribe or edit 
your options (one of which is to unsubscribe). Here is the relevant link 
for plt-scheme in case you want to change your status:


Jamie Raymond

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