[plt-scheme] plt-scheme vs plt-edu

From: Sharon M. Tuttle (st10 at humboldt.edu)
Date: Thu Sep 12 11:16:24 EDT 2002

May I suggest, also, that some mention of the plt-edu list be
made at http://www.plt-scheme.org/support.html and/or
http://www.plt-scheme.org/maillist/? Only plt-announce and
plt-scheme are mentioned on the latter.

I certainly would have joined the plt-edu mailing list, instead, if I
had known of its existence. I did not mean to post inappropriately.
In searching from the DrScheme and "How to Design Programs" web pages,
plt-announce and plt-scheme were the only mailing lists of which I found
any mention.

I am sorry for bothering the list with my inappropriate question,
and thank every one very much for their very helpful suggestions.

-- Sharon Tuttle
   Dept. of Computing Science
   Humboldt State University

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Jamie L. Raymond wrote:

>   For list-related administrative tasks:
>     http://list.cs.brown.edu/mailman/listinfo/plt-scheme
> After my recent followup mentioning plt-edu, I received a reply from
> someone else who thought that plt-scheme and plt-edu were the same
> thing. I realized then that there may be others on this list wondering
> about the distinction.
> plt-scheme is a disussion of the PLT software suite.
> plt-edu is a discussion for "educators who participate in the
> TeachScheme Project, according to the list's home page.
> Each list has an administration webpage where you can subscribe or edit
> your options (one of which is to unsubscribe). Here is the relevant link
> for plt-scheme in case you want to change your status:
> http://list.cs.brown.edu/mailman/listinfo/plt-scheme
> --
> Jamie Raymond

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