[plt-scheme] Strange editor behavior in DrScheme

From: Zbyszek Jurkiewicz (zbyszek at duch.mimuw.edu.pl)
Date: Fri Sep 13 08:02:30 EDT 2002

I just started to convert all our Scheme programs used
in teaching to v.201 (from 103) and have a couple of
questions and problems.  One at a time, starting with the 
most irritating (at least for me). 

In version 103, as in any known to me Emacs-like editor,
consecutive kills were merged.  Later it was enough to do one
Ctrl-Y to get them dumped into required place.

In my version of DrScheme 201 (RedHat Linux, X, installed from
sources) after doing Ctlr-Y only last line is restored.
Doing Esc-Y (i.e. Meta-Y) goes through kill-ring as usual, but
only ONE line is ever restored (assuming you did a couple of

Is there any flag or sth to switch off this behavior and return
to old one?

Zbyszek Jurkiewicz
Univ. of Warsaw

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