[plt-scheme] I want the old help desk back

From: Brian Campbell (lambda at mac.com)
Date: Sun Sep 1 23:01:43 EDT 2002

On Sunday, September 1, 2002, at 09:32  PM, Paul Steckler wrote:

> Benderjg2 at aol.com wrote:
>> It seems some browsers choke on frames in the help desk.
> I'm not aware of display problems with frames in any browser when
> displaying the main part of Help Desk.  In some browsers, there
> are problems with the incremental logging output when manuals are
> installed.  That has the fix I mentioned earlier -- a separate
> browser window for the output log.

As I said earlier, the frames cause my back button not to work. 
The front page always comes up, rather than the last page. I'm 
sure there are other browsers (most old browsers didn't deal 
with frames correctly) that have this problem too.

>> 2. If google doesn't need frames, why does the help desk?
> As mentioned in an earlier response, Google's lack of frames
> makes navigation clumsy.  We thought about a separate search
> window, which would have obviated frames, but that was quickly
> shouted down.

I've never had a problem with how google works. What's wrong 
with just having a bookmark to google? Or using the history to 
go back to google?

> -- Paul (who is probably done with this thread)

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