[plt-scheme] I want the old help desk back

From: Sylvain Beucler (sylvain.beucler.fac at libertysurf.fr)
Date: Mon Sep 2 03:52:42 EDT 2002

2 quick points:

- At our university, we often use X terminals. We cannot afford to load 20
Netscape's on our server, and unfortunately I do not know any Unix-based
stable and *light* browser that supports frames. I do not know how they will
install the Help Desk there. The previous version had the advantage of being
light and stable.

- I do not think that websites use a lot of TeX source texts and then
translate them to HTML. I think they rather use template HTML documents and
fill them with data from a SQL or flat-file database. This would allow to
make (extreme cases) a "Lynx-compatible" version with the search box on the
top, and another "Netscape/Mozilla/IE v6 compatible" version that would use
frames, all from the same documentation, but with different templates.
The documentations could be compiled into separated HTML pages before a
release, and the servlet would only have to deal with real dynamic contents
(such as search results); or the servlets could also compile a documentation
page from a given templates on the fly, so the core documentation is
provided only once. The template to be used could be chosen from the help
desk homepage, or with a parameter given to the webserver that would give
the servlets an additional environnement variable.
In fact, TeX2Page could be modified in order to support those changes, I

(Mmm, not so quick points, eventually)


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