[plt-scheme] I want the old help desk back

From: Brian Campbell (lambda at mac.com)
Date: Sun Sep 1 13:49:53 EDT 2002

On Sunday, September 1, 2002, at 01:22  PM, Paul Steckler wrote:

> Aha.
> I'll try to add error reporting to Help Desk.
> Of course, if the incremental output mechanism always worked,
> you'd see the error message in the log.
> Paul Graunke says that browsers just do a bad job with
> output in the presence of frames.

Would it be possible to make the help browser not use frames? I 
find that in my browser (OmniWeb on Mac OS X), the frames screw 
up my back button, so every time I hit back, I go to the list of 
manuals, rather than the previous page. Couldn't the search form 
just be automatically added to the top of each page?

Or maybe there's something screwy with how the help desk frames 
work, since usually, I've found that frames work fine in 
OmniWeb. It's just in the help desk that things break.

> We're working on it ...
> -- Paul

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