[plt-scheme] I want the old help desk back

From: Paul Steckler (steck at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Sep 1 13:22:50 EDT 2002

Michael Sperber [Mr.  Preprocessor] wrote:
> Paul> I'm guessing this is a failure of the incremental output mechanism in
> Paul> the Web server with IE under OS X, somehow.
> Well, it turns out that, if I try to install the .plt file manually, I
> get a permission denied error---the regular DrScheme MacOS X installer
> installs everything as root, but the .plt installer never asks for an
> admin password or anything.  Unfortunately, installing via the Help
> Desk never gives me an error message.


I'll try to add error reporting to Help Desk.

Of course, if the incremental output mechanism always worked, 
you'd see the error message in the log. 

Paul Graunke says that browsers just do a bad job with 
output in the presence of frames.

We're working on it ...

-- Paul

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