[plt-scheme] formatting integer in string

From: Bruce Butterfield (bab at entricom.com)
Date: Mon Aug 19 12:53:09 EDT 2002

Chris Uzdavinis wrote:
> Thanks guys.  I appreciate the help.  SLIB and some of the other
> "common" libraries are looking quite useful.
> (I wish there were more "practical" programming features standardized
> in Scheme, like hash tables, networking, threads, an object system,
> regular expressions, and so forth.  These are the additions that make
> mzscheme so nice, but simultaneously are what make code that use thm
> unportable.)

The SRFIs are a step towards some standardization but I wouldn't hold my 
breath for a standard library implemented by all the major players. I 
use mzscheme because:

	1) It has what I need now
	2) It is being actively developed so it should have what I need in future
	3) Very serious commitment to quality from the PLT team
	4) Lots of source to learn from
	5) Very productive (and fun) development environment

Now if there was a real debugger...

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