[plt-scheme] formatting integer in string

From: Chris Uzdavinis (chris at atdesk.com)
Date: Mon Aug 19 12:32:28 EDT 2002

Bruce Butterfield <bab at entricom.com> writes:

> Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:
> >   For list-related administrative tasks:
> >     http://list.cs.brown.edu/mailman/listinfo/plt-scheme
> > Chris Uzdavinis wrote:
> >
> >>I'd have to be stupid to think nobody using Scheme ever formats
> >>numbers into strings, but shoot me if I can figure out how to do
> >>it. :)
> > You could use SLIB's format, which is an almost complete
> > implementation of Common Lisp's format.
> > http://swissnet.ai.mit.edu/~jaffer/slib_3.html#SEC47 Would it be
> > possible to distribute a .plt-package that automagically installs
> > slib?
> > --
> > Jens Axel Søgaard
> >
> A PLT port of SLIB format is available at schematics.sourceforge.net
> via CVS (look in src/libs/format) or by getting the scm-pdf download
> which includes format.plt. Advantages include a smaller footprint
> than loading all of SLIB and it also avoids SLIB's somewhat
> PLT-incompatible packaging scheme.

Thanks guys.  I appreciate the help.  SLIB and some of the other
"common" libraries are looking quite useful.

(I wish there were more "practical" programming features standardized
in Scheme, like hash tables, networking, threads, an object system,
regular expressions, and so forth.  These are the additions that make
mzscheme so nice, but simultaneously are what make code that use thm


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